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3 New Policy Updates On WhatsApp

3 New Policy Updates On WhatsApp image
Updated: December 19th, 2022
Being the world's most popular messaging app, with over 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is popular in more than 180 countries. With such a vast user count, WhatsApp has to regularly update its privacy policy to maintain the user's data. 
As WhatsApp allows people to communicate privately, it's essential to declare a privacy policy. It helps people to know what kind of information WhatsApp collects from their messages and other activities on the application. This article will explain how much of your data is protected or open to WhatsApp algorithms.

3 New Policy Updates On WhatsApp 

WhatsApp updated its policy on 9th August 2022 and claimed to provide more layers of protection to its users with the new update in the policy. There will be advanced control over the messages by the users making things easier. These changes include:

1 - Anonymously Leave The Group

The group chat option on WhatsApp is helpful for businesses and families. Sometimes the experience could be more pleasing, leading to leaving the group. But what happens after you leave the group? Private messages from group members to ask why you left the group.
Isn't it annoying? Don't worry because with the new update of WhatsApp, you can leave the group silently without any notification to other members. Only the group admin will know about your exit.

2 - Stay Online Secretly

Whatsapp is used both for business and private purposes, which sometimes creates inconvenience. You may want to use WhatsApp privately, and your boss will see you online. You'll get a direct message about your project's progress. 
Now you can control this by changing your WhatsApp settings. You can select the contacts with whom you want to share your online status. 

3 - No Screenshot For View Once Messages

In 2021 WhatsApp introduced a new feature of 'view once.' Using this, a user could send a video or image that disappears once it is opened. But more protection was needed for security and privacy purpose. People started taking screenshots of one-time view photographs.
To address the issue, WhatsApp edited another extra feature associated with the 'view once.' Now no user can take screenshots of such images, which means that a photograph will be only viewed once and then deleted from the receiver device.

Shocking WhatsApp Privacy Policy Updates In 2021

In 2021 WhatsApp privacy policy took a new dimension, shocking every WhatsApp user. Since its launch, WhatsApp has always been a private messaging application. Suddenly the owners announced that WhatsApp users' data would be shared with Facebook and its partner companies. 
Personal data, users' IP addresses, phone numbers, and even the activity were to be shared. This announcement was published on the company's blog, where it clarified that it would not access the user's private messages. They claimed that 'WhatsApp was built on a simple idea: what you share with your friends and family stays between you.
So it was clear that there was misinformation spreading around that WhatsApp would no longer be safe to use. Still, it was undeniable that user preferences would be used for marketing purposes.

How Do Companies Use WhatsApp User Data?

According to the 2021 WhatsApp policies, the user data is shared with different companies to help them target the audience boosting their businesses. The main actions that could be taken by those companies regarding user data include the following:
  • Display relevant ads related to the users' needs
  • Help with completing transactions and other purchases
  • Advancement in the security and delivery system of the companies
  • Suggesting connecting with new groups, friends, and companies

How To Protect Yourself On WhatsApp?

WhatsApp’s new changes to its privacy policy have caused quite a stir among users. The updated policy would allow WhatsApp to share user data with Facebook for business purposes. However, if you're concerned about your personal privacy on WhatsApp (or any other social media platform), be sure to take steps to protect yourself online.
For this, you can consider using an app like PrivacyHawk, which helps individual consumers keep track of their privacy and limits information sharing across all their devices and accounts.
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