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4 Things No One Told You About The Privacy Policy Of Facebook

4 Things No One Told You About The Privacy Policy Of Facebook image
Updated: December 19th, 2022
Have you ever experienced seeing a product on your Facebook feed that you were just thinking of purchasing? This is because, according to Facebook's privacy policy, it can keep an eye on everything you search for.
Facebook collects your information from its platform and uses third-party websites and browsers to record your activity. Your feed will display similar products based on this information. This article will explain to you some important things you didn't know about Facebook's privacy policy.

4 Secret Things About Facebook Privacy Policy 

Although you can read all the privacy policies of Facebook from their website, who bothers to read the long pages just to know a few important things about privacy policy? Of course, no one. This is why people face privacy issues later. Take a look at the following points to understand what is explained in the privacy policy of Facebook.

1 - Ask for disclosure of data

The latest Facebook privacy policy guide talks about the disclosure of data. In some situations, you will be asked about disclosing your data and information to maintain privacy. As we live in an advanced technology world, it is essential to stay active because the information of a user is not safe in the social media giant's hands. Facebook does not ask for everything from you, and a lot of data is automatically disclosed without your consent.

2 - Information shared with companies

With a renewal in the Facebook privacy policies, it was considered that the website is sharing and selling people's data to third-party companies. However, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, clarified this misconception. He said we use the data to orient in-app sales to increase the target audience. In comparison, none of the user's data is sold to any advertising website for money.

3 - Collects detailed data

If we say that Facebook collects every data from your device, it will be correct. You handle your device completely when you put your email address to sign up on Facebook. Everything that you share on Facebook or have on your device is directly accessible to Facebook.
Even when your friends post photographs and tag you, Facebook collects further information about your friends, family, and more. The more shocking thing is that even your payment information on third-party websites is shared with Facebook, whether it's an in-game purchase or donation.

4 - Gathers data off-platform

Do not think that Facebook is only collecting your data from its platform; Google and multiple other platforms are a part of Facebook's privacy policy. You may enter a keyword in Google and later find relatable data in your Facebook feed. You can see that Facebook collects data from third parties. Facebook not only uses this off-platform data but sells it to other third parties who need it. 

How can you protect your privacy on Facebook?

Saving yourself from losing your privacy on Facebook is essential. Just follow the following tips if you want to protect your privacy on this platform.

1 - Deleting old posts

Do not keep your posts on Facebook for long. Keep on deleting the previous ones after every few months. It helps reduce your data on Facebook, decreasing the risk. 

2 - Reducing friend list

Unfriend unknown people from your Facebook ID. Check out your friend list, and leave all those who do not belong directly to you. Less exposure to different people means fewer data leaks from your ID.

3 - Posting things carefully

The most important thing is to refrain from posting everything on Facebook. Of course, Facebook is a social media platform, but you must know that your personal information could easily slip out of it, leaving you in huge trouble. So it's better to keep your information safe, avoiding future issues.


Facebook has made some positive changes to its privacy policy in recent years, but there are still a few things that they aren’t being completely upfront about.

The next time you skim over a privacy policy, think about what exactly you're agreeing to. These billion-dollar companies make money off of our private data. Is it really worth it to us?
If you're not comfortable with the idea of your personal data being shared or used without your consent, take action by installing and app like PrivacyHawk that will help you keep your information private and secure so that you don’t have to worry about it ending up in the wrong hands.
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