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6 Data Privacy Issues Of TikTok You Must Know

6 Data Privacy Issues Of TikTok You Must Know image
Updated: December 16th, 2022
TikTok doesn't provide a free platform to shoot, edit and post videos. Instead, it's taking something even bigger than money from you. Just like other social media platforms, TikTok apparently has some not very "private" privacy policies.
TikTok gathers 1.2 billion users' data to use for various purposes. The worst thing is that even youngsters under 13 years old are accessing this platform. In this article, you will learn the 6 data privacy issues of TikTok that you might not know before. So, let's begin!

6 Data Privacy Issues of TikTok 

Every user provides some information to TikTok for account registration. This information is collected and could be available to the public. But things do not stop here because much of the data is collected by TikTok itself that you might not be willing to share. 
Have a look at the below-mentioned 6 privacy issues faced by TikTok users. The worst part is that many users do not even know that their privacy is at risk using TikTok Tok.

1 - Contacts Information 

When a user registers on the application, all his contacts are accessible for TikTok. The name, email address, and other information regarding every contact in your device are at risk because TikTok can collect and misuse it. Even if there is no misuse, still this data could be used for marketing purposes.

2 - Geographic Location

TikTok has direct access to your IP address which means your geographic location is continuously in the hands of the application. If TikTok sells this data to a third party, you can be threatened, kidnapped, or more using your location access.

3 - Face Closeup

Having your camera access TikTok captures the close-up of your face while registering your account. Face closeup is accessible biometric data linked to other pictures outside the application. This can create a huge security and privacy threat to you and your family. Your biometric information could be used in fraudulent activities, leaving you in an extremely bad situation.

4 - Data From Underage Children

The fancy world of TikTok captures youngsters in itself; that’s why many underage users use TikTok. The app collects data from kids who are younger than 13 years old.  In February 2019, TikTok paid the Federal trade commission a 5.7 million dollar fine. The application was blamed for illegally collecting the personal information of underage children.

5 - U.S Government Don't Want TikTok

The way TikTok gathers users' data has made it unacceptable to the defense department of the US military. They advised the government to remove TikTok from devices, especially government-issued smartphones. Many military branches have made a compulsory requirement to delete the application because of security concerns.

6 - Security Controls

TikTok has taken excessive security controls with which they can easily control the practices of a user. Wells Fargo bank has warned its employees to eradicate TikTok from its system. The reasons are security-based.

How you can protect yourself from TikTok privacy issues?

If you use TikTok, you must unintentionally share much personal information that TikTok can expose. That's why it's essential to know how to make your TikTok account more private by customizing some settings.
  • Change your account's setting from public to private.
  • Keep the option "suggest your account to others" off because this option leads unknown people to visit your profile without your knowledge.
  • Change comment settings to avoid harassment and rubbish comments. 
  • Manage direct message settings to keep intruders away.
  • Disallow unknown people to download your video. Anyone can watch your video on TikTok, but only allow some to download your data. 

Are you afraid to lose your private information from TikTok?

While TikTok may be a fun and entertaining social media platform, users must be aware of the dangers that come with sharing their personal data. From personal data collection to targeted ads, there are several ways your information could be used without your knowledge or consent.
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