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6 Tips You Must Try To Keep Your Personal Information Secure

6 Tips You Must Try To Keep Your Personal Information Secure image
Updated: December 19th, 2022
Do you know almost 15 million people become victims of identity theft each year? Families and homes have been destroyed due to leaked personal information. There is a security check run by applications and websites to secure personal information. But if you are not taking the necessary steps yourself, no one will protect your data. 
This article explains six simple ways that you can use to protect your personal information. 

6 Pro Tips To Secure Personal Information 

Don't go any further if you are looking for simple tips to help secure your data. Look at the below-mentioned detailed tips to save you from any possible privacy issues.

1 - Avoid Logging In To Unknown Computers

You may have to do an urgent task like online payment, but you forgot your phone at home. In such a situation, most people grab any available device and log in to their account details, whether a bank account or an email. 
This also includes using public Wi-Fi that's finally unsafe. The Wi-Fi providers sometimes have full access to users' data. So refrain from using unknown devices, and it's better to wait rather than lose your essential information.

2 - Log Out After Task Completion

Whether using your personal or office device, it's essential to log out of all the accounts. This may be difficult for you because whenever you need your Gmail account or another website, you will have to enter your login details. But this difficulty is better than being threatened by an unknown person.

3 - Download Only From Trusted Websites

Whenever you download any application from the browser, you get a notification that the file is not from trusted developers. Avoid downloading such files because most have hidden tools to get full access to your device and gather all types of data. This could be so dangerous that the application could access your phone directory and camera.

4 - Use Secure Sites

Find secure websites to browse data. To purchase any service from a website, make sure it is authentic, or you may lose your bank details. A very simple way to find if the website is secure is to check the URL of the website to see if it starts with 'https.' 

5 - Protect Physical Documents

Refrain from assuming that you will not have any privacy issues if you are online. Bank statements, credit cards, and even your bills in printed form could lead you to many problems. Hackers will use your account details to rob money. Sometimes your bank account could even be used to make a fraudulent payment causing you to get accused under legal terms.

6 - Install the PrivacyHawk App

Installing privacy software like PrivacyHawk is an effective step in securing your personal information. As we become increasingly reliant on technologies, cyber threats continue to expand. PrivacyHawk not only provides you with a greater assurance of the security of your data but also cleans up your privacy, deletes you from spam databases, and gives you control over who can use your data and how. With cyber threats increasing every day, it's critical to employ strategies like PrivacyHawk to ensure your data is kept safe and secure.

Consequences of not keeping data safe

Some people take online privacy as a not-so-important thing. You may suffer the following consequences if you are one of those people.
  • Your personal information can be used by someone to pretend that it's you. Identity theft leads to legal consequences like tax fraud and even losing social media account reputation.
  • Losing your bank account information, usually through an unsecured Wi-Fi connection, leads you to lose money from your account.
  • Posting extensive details of your work hours and when you leave home could lead to house robbing.


Taking steps to keep your personal information safe doesn’t have to be complicated. By following the six tips we outlined above, you can go a long way in protecting yourself from identity theft and other privacy breaches. If you want an easy way to manage your sensitive information in one place, check out PrivacyHawk.
It’s a personal privacy manager that helps individual consumers quickly and easily understand what data is being collected about them online and how it’s being used. With PrivacyHawk, you can take control of your personal information with just a few clicks. Have you taken any steps to improve your personal privacy? Share with us in the comments below!
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