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Can You Trust An Online Password Manager?

Can You Trust An Online Password Manager? image
Updated: December 16th, 2022
The biggest mistake people make is believing that hackers only attack businesses. Yet they tend to focus more on the individuals as there are fewer security layers than a company. For that, the first thing that you can think of is using an online Password Manager.
But can you trust online password managers? Because, after all, they are also applications working for their benefit. The simple answer is yes, you can trust them, but you need to know some essential things before using a password manager.
Learn about the essential security steps you need to take while using online password managers and whether you should trust them. This article covers all the critical information for you. 

What Is A Password Manager?

Password Managers can safely organize and keep your passwords safe, with them being the database. You can understand it as an online secret notebook with all your login details saved in it. 
There are two types of password managers. One is a device-based manager where all the passwords are saved inside your device, but it is risky. If you lose your device or it gets corrupted, you will lose all your passwords. The second option is to use a cloud-based Password manager accessible online from anywhere.

Are Password Managers A Safe Choice?

The password manager helps to keep the passwords of your email IDs, bank accounts, and other applications. All your passwords are put in a strong security vault that only opens with a master password or two-step authentication.
With password managers, you can use strong passwords without forgetting them. Writing your password manually on a piece of paper may make you lose it, or anyone else could find it. With it, you can remember complicated passwords with many symbols, capitals, and small letters.
It leads to a renewal of the password every time you use your application. Some people even use a single password on different websites and accounts. But think about it for a moment if your password gets hacked, you will lose everything. To avoid all these frustrations, password managers could be trusted. 
A password manager is the safest option than other alternatives. They are less likely to be hacked by anyone, which could make you lose your passwords. So we recommend that you trust a password manager and start protecting your passwords.

How Do Password Managers Secure The Passwords?

Password managers use strong encryption and a master password that is unreadable by others. Some devices also allow you to unlock the vault using biometric authentication or a face ID. But it is better to use a master password that will be impossible to crack.
Password Manager companies have zero knowledge of your passwords, so they are entirely trustable. In the history of password managers, they have never faced a serious breach which means that password companies are handling the job perfectly.

Avoid These Password Security Mistakes

Whether you use a password manager or not, many people make some privacy mistakes. To save yourself from unwanted situations, here are some mistakes you must avoid if you do not want yourself to be stuck in a miserable situation.
  • Don't Use Sticky Notes

Just to keep the passwords near the working space, some people write them on sticky notes. They are quickly dropped or lost away; in worse conditions, someone could just take your sticky note away or at least note down the password.
  • Avoid Saving Passwords In Browsers

When adding a password to log in to a website or while setting up a new account, you get pop-ups to remember the password for next time. It feels like a secure way, but actually, they are less secure than encrypted password managers.
  • Don't Use Obvious Passwords 

Obvious passwords mean using your phone number, date of birth, or loved one's name. Hackers can easily access these types of passwords.

Take An Extra Privacy Step…

Overall, password managers can be a great way to stay organized and secure online. However, it is important to do your research to find a reputable manager that has high-security standards in place to protect your sensitive information.
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