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Equifax’s Privacy Policies And How To Delete Your Data Or Opt Out

Equifax’s Privacy Policies And How To Delete Your Data Or Opt Out image
Updated: March 6th, 2024


Equifax's privacy policy emphasizes responsible and appropriate usage of personal data, striving to balance individuals' privacy with the beneficial application of data. It outlines key principles including ensuring data accuracy, transparent data usage, and sharing data only for legitimate purposes. 
The policy also focuses on providing individuals with control over their data, complying with evolving privacy laws both in the US and internationally, and embedding privacy into all business aspects through effective governance. 

Equifax’s privacy practices

Equifax's privacy policy showcases a structured approach towards managing personal data responsibly while providing individuals with a significant degree of control over their data. It also reflects a commitment to comply with evolving privacy laws and embed privacy considerations into every facet of the business operations. 
They affirm not to sell personal information of consumers under the age of 16 and provide various rights to California residents in line with the state's privacy laws​. The detailed analysis on the privacy practices of Equifax includes:

Key Principles:

  • Quality:

    Equifax strives to maintain accurate, relevant, and timely data.
  • Stewardship:

    Transparency in how data is used and safeguarded is a priority.
  • Discretion:

    Data is shared only for legitimate purposes, respecting individuals' privacy.
  • Partnerships:

    Privacy concerns are paramount when sharing or receiving data.
  • Designing for Privacy:

    Privacy is considered in the growth of products, services, and standards.
  • Transparency and Control:

    Equifax is committed to being transparent about data collection, use, and sharing, and providing individuals with control over their data.
  • Effective Governance:

    Embedding privacy into all aspects of business is a priority, with a public commitment to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Privacy Framework​. 
Equifax has a Consumer Privacy Notice, except for specific products like Lock & Alert which have separate notices, that outlines their privacy practices. They've also made their security and privacy controls framework public to promote transparency in cybersecurity and privacy, with a focus on five core capabilities: 
  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Privacy
  3. Fraud prevention
  4. Crisis management
  5. Physical security
This framework is based on the NIST's Cybersecurity Framework and Privacy Framework, aiming to provide a comprehensive, defense-in-depth approach to security and privacy​.
Moreover, in 2019, Equifax agreed to pay at least $575 million as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and 50 U.S. states and territories regarding allegations of failing to take reasonable steps to secure its network, shedding light on past privacy issues. 

How to contact Equifax's privacy department? 

To contact the privacy department of Equifax, there are several channels available, though it may require reaching out to their general customer service first:
  • Phone:

    You can call Equifax customer service at 1-888-Equifax (1-888-378-4329). Their call centre hours are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (ET), Monday through Friday, and 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (ET) on Saturdays and Sundays​​.
  • Mail:

    If you prefer to mail in your request, you can use the following address: Equifax Information Services LLC, P.O. Box 740256, Atlanta, GA 30374​. Another source mentions a similar mailing address: Equifax Information Services, LLC, P.O. Box 740256, Atlanta, GA 30348​​.
  • Physical Address:

    There's also a physical address listed which could be used for official correspondence: 1550 Peachtree Street N.W., Atlanta, GA 30309​​.
You might want to specify your concerns about privacy in your communication to ensure it reaches the privacy department. Moreover, it's advisable to check with Equifax's customer service for the most direct way to reach the privacy department.

How to delete your data from Equifax?

According to their privacy policy, you can contact Equifax at 1-888-Equifax (1-888-378-4329) to make delete requests. PrivacyHawk can also help identify companies that have your personal data and makes it easy to mass delete yourself to reduce your digital footprint and reduce your risk of being targeted by scams, fraud, and identity theft. You can try it for free on the App Store today.
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