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Farmers Insurance’s Privacy Policies And How To Delete Your Data Or Opt Out

Updated: March 27th, 2024


The privacy policy of the Farmers Insurance Open, governed by The Century Club of San Diego, elucidates the collection, usage, and safeguarding of personal and non-personal data on their website. It details the types of data collected, the legal basis for processing, and the utilization of cookies for various functionalities including personalization, analytics, and targeted advertising. 
The policy also mentions provisions for updating, retaining, and destroying personal data, alongside a brief mention of data transfer from the European Union, although not elaborated in the provided sections.

Farmers Insurance’s privacy practices

Farmers Insurance has detailed privacy practices in place to ensure the safety and confidentiality of personal information collected from their consumers. Here’s a summary of their privacy practices: 
  • Collection and Usage of Information:

    Farmers Insurance may collect a wide range of personal information, including but not limited to personal identifiers (e.g., name, address, social security number), personal characteristics (e.g., gender, medical information), commercial information (e.g., insurance policy number), biometric information (e.g., voice print), internet or network activity (e.g., interactions with websites), geolocation data, audio/visual data, professional and employment information, education information, inferences (e.g., preferences, behaviors), and sensitive personal information (e.g., bank account numbers)​. 
  • Purpose of Collection:

    The personal information collected is utilized for servicing customers, better understanding customers and potential customers, and for other necessary purposes related to the provision of their financial products and services​.
  • Offline, Online, and Mobile Environments:

    Their privacy practices are applicable in offline, online, and mobile environments, addressing the collection and usage of personal information across these platforms​.
  • Safeguarding Information:

    Farmers Insurance is committed to properly safeguarding consumer personal information, limiting access to such information to individuals with a need to know, and protecting the confidentiality of personally identifiable information provided by consumers​​.
  • Privacy Policies and Procedures:

    They have in place privacy policies and procedures to safeguard the information of customers and former customers who obtain financial products or services for personal, family, or household purposes​. 
These practices are part of Farmers Insurance's broader effort to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and to ensure the trust and confidence of their customers. 

How to contact Farmers Insurance's privacy department? 

To contact the privacy department of Farmers Insurance Open, you can reach out to The Century Club of San Diego, which governs the privacy policy of the Farmers Insurance Open, at the following address:

Mail Address: 

The Century Club of San Diego 
9404 Genesee Ave. 
Suite 310 La Jolla, CA 92037


(858) 886-4653

How to delete your data from Farmers Insurance?

According to their privacy policy, you can contact Farmers Insurance at (858) 886-4653 to make delete requests. PrivacyHawk can also help identify companies that have your personal data and makes it easy to mass delete yourself to reduce your digital footprint and reduce your risk of being targeted by scams, fraud, and identity theft. You can try it for free on the App Store today.
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