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Fidelity’s Privacy Policies And How To Delete Your Data Or Opt Out

Fidelity’s Privacy Policies And How To Delete Your Data Or Opt Out image
Updated: April 1st, 2024


Fidelity's privacy policy demonstrates a commitment to preserving the privacy of personal information for both current and prospective customers. It defines personal information as data collected or maintained for business purposes that can identify an individual. 
The policy's specifics may vary depending on whether you interact with Fidelity through an investment professional, as an individual investor, or via services provided to your employer. Additionally, some Fidelity offerings may have separate privacy policies. The policy undergoes an annual review to ensure it remains updated with any changes.

Fidelity’s privacy practices

Fidelity emphasizes the importance of maintaining and protecting the personal information of its current and prospective customers. Here's a rundown of Fidelity's privacy practices:

Personal Information Collection:

  • Fidelity collects non-public personal information through applications or other forms furnished, through interactions with customers, or from consumer reporting agencies​. 
  • The personal information is collected to complete transactions, provide goods or services, maintain business relationships, or fulfill contracts between Fidelity and the consumer​. 

Security Measures:

  • Fidelity employs physical, electronic, and procedural controls to safeguard customer information​. 
  • They offer extra login security using 2-factor authentication (2FA) as an extra layer of security to restrict unauthorized access to accounts even if they have access to the username and password​. 
  • They implement and maintain measures such as administrative, technical, and organizational controls to protect personal information, adapting these controls to changing requirements and technological advancements​. 

Information Retention and Usage:

  • Personal information may be retained to ensure security and integrity, identify and repair errors, exercise free speech or other legal rights, enable internal uses aligned with consumer expectations, and comply with legal obligations​.

Consumer Privacy Rights Requests:

  • Consumers can submit California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) requests to Fidelity for disclosure or deletion of personal information. Upon submission, consumers can expect a response within 45 days, though some cases may require an additional 45 days. 
  • Identity verification is necessary before processing these requests. In 2021, Fidelity received and responded to several CPRA requests, although none were complied with due to CPRA exemptions​.

Information Sharing:

  • Fidelity doesn't disclose any non-public personal information about customers, except as permitted by law.
  • For instance, Fidelity Funds has entered into arrangements with Fidelity Investments for investment management, distribution, and servicing of the Funds​.

Policy Updates and Notifications:

  • Fidelity updates its privacy policies periodically, with the latest update noted as of July 2023​.

Mobile and Online Platforms:

  • Their Privacy Policy also covers information processing on mobile apps and websites, outlining how personal information is collected, used, shared, and otherwise processed on these platforms​.
These practices demonstrate Fidelity's commitment to uphold privacy standards and comply with legal obligations while providing services to its clients.

How to contact Fidelity's privacy department? 

Here’s how you can reach out to Fidelity regarding general queries and privacy concerns:


  • Call Fidelity's general customer service line at 800-343-3548 and they may be able to redirect you to the appropriate department concerning privacy matters​.
  • Another customer service line provided by Fidelity is 866-715-2059. You can call this number and ask to be directed to the privacy department​.

Writing a Letter:

  • Send a written inquiry to Fidelity's service center at PO Box 770001, Cincinnati, OH 45277-0050 or for express mail at 100 Crosby Parkway KC2Q, Covington, KY 41015. Mention that your inquiry is regarding privacy matters and would like it to be directed to the privacy department​.


  • Although not directly related to privacy, the contact information for Fidelity's Chief Executive, Abby Johnson, is listed. You could use the email to send an inquiry regarding privacy concerns and request that it be forwarded to the appropriate department​. 
It may require a bit of redirection, but using these resources should help you reach the appropriate department to address your privacy concerns with Fidelity Investments.

How to delete your data from Fidelity?

According to their privacy policy, you can contact Fidelity at 800-343-3548 to make delete requests. PrivacyHawk can also help identify companies that have your personal data and makes it easy to mass delete yourself to reduce your digital footprint and reduce your risk of being targeted by scams, fraud, and identity theft. You can try it for free on the App Store today.
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