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Hewlett-Packard’s Privacy Policies And How To Delete Your Data Or Opt Out

Hewlett-Packard’s Privacy Policies And How To Delete Your Data Or Opt Out image
Updated: May 13th, 2024


Hewlett-Packard's privacy policy, both for HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), encompasses principles and practices concerning the handling and protection of personal data. The HPE Global Privacy Policy articulates the general privacy and data protection principles followed by HPE worldwide regarding the personal data of various stakeholders including customers, partners, employees, contractors, and board members​​. 
Similarly, HP Inc.'s Privacy Statement informs individuals about the privacy practices in place, the choices they have, and the rights they can exercise concerning their personal data. This includes information collected from online activities, device usage, and interactions with HP offline​​. 
There's also a mention of HP Processor Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) for Processor, a corporate privacy compliance framework approved by the Data Protection Authorities of most EU Member States. This framework allows HP to transfer customer data worldwide through HP companies in compliance with EU data protection law​​. 
Lastly, HPE emphasizes a commitment to respecting and protecting personal data, developing, and following privacy policies to comply with applicable laws and to earn trust and confidence in its business practices​​.

Hewlett-Packard’s privacy practices

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has outlined its privacy practices across various statements and policies. Here is an analysis: 
  • Compliance with International Privacy Standards: HP's privacy practices comply with the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules System (CBPR), which covers aspects like transparency, accountability, and choice concerning the collection and usage of personal data. They also adhere to the Privacy Recognition for Processors system (PRP)​​.
  • Global Privacy Policies: HP has a Global Master Privacy Policy, which likely outlines their overall privacy stance and practices. Additionally, they have a set of standards for employees, students, and dispatch workers, particularly in China. They also have a Supplier Code of Conduct and standards regarding supply chain foreign migrant workers, reflecting a broader concern for privacy and ethics across their operations​.
  • Data Sharing Practices: HP does not sell, rent, or lease personal data to others, and any data sharing is outlined in their Privacy Statement. Within the HP group of companies, some level of data disclosure is described, likely for operational or business purposes​​.
  • Security Measures: HP takes the privacy and security of its customers very seriously, aiming to provide prompt notification and remediation of any vulnerabilities. They have a system for reporting potential security vulnerabilities and a subscription service for receiving future security alerts, indicating a proactive approach to security and privacy​​.

How to contact Hewlett-Packard's privacy department? 

To contact Hewlett-Packard's (HP) privacy department, there are a few methods you could use based on the information obtained from different sources:
  • Email:
You may be able to contact them via email at as provided on the complaints board listing for HP customer service contacts​​.
  • Phone:
The same listing on the complaints board suggests that you could also call HP at +1 866-625-0242​​.
  • Mail:
Alternatively, you could send mail to HP's address at 1501 Page Mill Rd. MS 1247, California, Palo Alto 94301-1112 United States​​.
  • HP Support Page:
If the aforementioned methods do not address your needs, you might want to visit the HP Support Page to explore other contact options or get directed to the privacy department​​.
It's advisable to choose the method that best suits your needs or preferences when looking to contact HP's privacy department.

How to delete your data from Hewlett-Packard?

According to their privacy policy, you can email Hewlett-Packard at to make delete requests. PrivacyHawk can also help identify companies that have your personal data and makes it easy to mass delete yourself to reduce your digital footprint and reduce your risk of being targeted by scams, fraud, and identity theft. You can try it for free on the App Store today.
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