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How Can You Identify A Scam On Instagram?

How Can You Identify A Scam On Instagram? image
Updated: December 16th, 2022
Do you remember the last time you heard about a scam on Instagram? Although it is unlikely, scammers can find their way onto Instagram nowadays. According to the SEC, 66.7% of mega-influencers were involved in fraud during 2020. However, 49.2% of influencers were involved in fraud in 2021. The worst thing is this will never stop.
Then what is the solution to this problem? We've got the best tips to help you avoid Instagram scams, so don't fret. Take a seat and read more. To begin with, we need to determine what Instagram scams are and what can be done to avoid them.

Types of Instagram Scams and Solutions To Them

Instagram scams can't collect a single umbrella term, so check out the list below. You'll find the solution for each scam below to help you eliminate them.

1 - Fake Brands

Instagram scams like this one are especially prevalent in the fashion industry. There may be fake brands that sell things that aren't original. Thousands of fake product posts are posted to Instagram daily, which is quite a large amount.
There's a significant threat for people who see the photos and order but get a fake product for the same price. It works in a way that these accounts increase their likes and followers by creating fake accounts and making them look like real accounts like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.



Check the account from where you want to buy a product. Go for reviews and what people say about the products the page sells. Google is a good platform for checking the authenticity of the page. You can get a clear idea about the page by typing the name and checking if there are any complaints against it.

2 - Individuals Offering Fake Followers

Everyone wants to increase their followers and likes on Instagram, but as it's challenging, some people find accessible roads. Some individuals and companies offer you organic followers and likes by demanding a price from you. You may sometimes even get the promised followers and likes, but they are fake. 



You can quickly determine if the followers are fake or genuine by seeing the activity and insights on your Instagram posts. So instead of paying to buy followers, you must use advertising methods to bring in natural and organic followers.

3 - Instagram Phishing 

You sometimes get an email or DM pretending to be sent from Instagram. These scamming messages claim to provide you with a verification badge if you give your login credentials. These requests and fake messages are called Instagram phishing.


The only way to save yourself from these scams is to trust only some messages you receive. You can also add two-step authentication settings so that even if sometimes you give your credentials unknowingly to someone, he will not be able to log in to your account.

4 - Fake Investment Opportunities 

A recent scam is getting DMs about fake investment opportunities. If you talk with the sender, they will ask you for a small amount that will be returned after a few days. These scammers will show the dreams of the heavens only to leave you behind with fraud and loss of money.



Before believing the sender, you must check the company's authenticity from as many sources as possible. YouTube can be the best platform here as if the company is fake, and you may find relatable videos about it.

5 - False Giveaway Promises

No doubt giveaways are a great marketing strategy. However, some giveaway promises are unreal and only want to collect personal information. You may have seen links on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram. They require you to click on the links to get the reward. But you only end up with nothing.



Remember that a legitimate company giving away gifts will only spread the links so that some can click.

Final Words

No one wants to get scammed, especially not on Instagram. But now that you know how these scammers operate and what red flags to look for, you can protect yourself from becoming a victim. And if you're worried about your data being shared without your knowledge or consent, consider using PrivacyHawk.
We can help reduce the risk of IG scammers finding your data on other sites so you're not as easily deceived or have less information for them to use against you. So take control of your privacy today and sign up for PrivacyHawk.
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