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How To Avoid Being A Victim Of ID Theft?

How To Avoid Being A Victim Of ID Theft? image
Updated: December 16th, 2022
You must have heard about identity theft and the horrible results of them. According to a report, 7 to 10% of the US population becomes a victim of fraud activity. These stats give goosebumps to almost everyone because anyone can become a victim of ID theft. Then what are the ways that can save you from becoming a victim of ID theft?
Various applications are available in the market to protect your ID. But besides using the applications, you must know what to do to avoid such events. External software can only save you from ID theft if you're taking precautions from your side. Are you worried about how to avoid being a victim of ID theft? Don't worry! This article will explain everything.

What Is ID Theft?

A person's name, email ID, phone number, and even social media accounts are his belongings that anyone else cannot use. But sometimes hackers steal the ID information and use it for fraudulent and illegal activities. It is known as ID theft.
It could be done for different purposes like to have personal benefits using your followers, to blackmail you, to get money from your family and friends, or sometimes just to damage your reputation among your followers.

Tips To Avoid ID Theft

ID theft is undoubtedly scary, but by working on some tips, you can avoid losing your identity. Look at the tips discussed below to ensure you never get caught in ID theft.
  • Avoid Using Public Wifi

Public Wi-Fi is the easiest way to get caught in ID theft. Most public Wi-Fi providers control all the user information of every person connecting with the Wi-Fi. So, you pay a very heavy price for free public Wi-Fi. Even if you have to use it is recommended to put the barrier of a VPN between your data and the Wi-Fi provider. 
  • Stay Aware From Scam Calls

Scam calls are the biggest way used by scammers to get access to your bank accounts, email address, and other personal information. Promising to provide you with a heavy gift amount, these scammers fraudulently take your OTP and get access to your accounts.
Stay aware of such calls, and do not provide bank details and OTPs over the phone. If you get any calls claiming they are from your bank, refuse to give any information, and visit your bank as soon as possible to report the call.
  • Set Up Strong Passwords

Setting up a weak password on your personal information or using a similar password for different websites often leads to ID theft. You become easy prey for scammers and hackers, allowing them to steal your valuable information.
Learn what a strong password should be like, and then reset all your accounts' passwords. Another tip is to keep on changing your passwords after every few months to reduce the chances for hackers to crack your password. Give a hard time to the hackers by setting up a very strong password with more characters making no connection with each other.
  • Don't Share Personal Information Over Phone

Personal information must not be shared over emails, messages, or phone calls. Your device is possibly hacked, and the hacker can easily access your accounts using the information you share. Even in emergencies, try to meet with the person who needs to send or receive money from you. You will be saved the ID theft and another blackmailing.
  • Keep A Check On Your Accounts

Never leave your accounts on their own. Check them regularly. For instance, bank accounts to ensure there are no issues with money count.


The best way to avoid being a victim of ID theft is by taking proactive steps to delete your data from unknown, unwanted or unsecured databases. By doing this, you can help reduce the risk of your private information ending up in the wrong hands. PrivacyHawk offers a service that helps you automatically find companies using or selling your data, so you can take action to protect your privacy. Have you taken steps to prevent ID theft? What other methods do you recommend?
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