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How to Opt Out, Delete, and My Privacy Requests for CheckThem

How to Opt Out, Delete, and My Privacy Requests for CheckThem image
Updated: August 1st, 2022

What is CheckThem?

CheckThem is a company that offers complete background checks. CheckThem's people finder is quick, simple, and discreet. Consumers utilize their platform to check for names, property records, criminal histories, and phone numbers. CheckThem provides people's backgrounds to meet your needs, protect you, and help you learn more about them.
CheckThem is not a customer credit bureau and therefore does not offer customer reviews. You are not permitted to access their website or the data they offer without your consent to their Terms of Privacy and Service Policy.

What Kind of Consumer Data Does CheckThem Sell?

CheckThem Provide information like:

Public Records:

CheckThem's public documents investigations will give you extensive and reliable information about individuals. They provide the most recent data, such as:
  • contact information
  • schooling background
  • property records
  • marriage records
  • employment information
  • police records, lawsuit/civil records, license, and arrest records

People Finder:

CheckThem's person discovery tool can locate almost anyone. To locate the individual you're searching for, just browse by first and last names, and region. CheckThem will provide you with following information:
  • Phone numbers and address
  • People locator and social media profiles
  • Relatives and family

Criminal and Arrest Records:

Conduct a criminal record check on someone. They scan Country data, State, and Federal data to determine whether an offense has taken place anywhere in the country. Conduct a background check on somebody to see whether they have arrest record. They also include complete sexual offense data in CheckThem's sexual offender registry to keep you up to date.
Following data is provided by using CheckThem's services:
  • Warrants and criminal history
  • DUIs, infarction, and conviction
  • Felonies and pending litigation

Discover Who is Trying to Contact You:

Is someone ringing or messaging you from an unspecified number? Use CheckThem's reverse caller id lookup to discover the phone's owner, location, cellular information, and address.

Protect Yourself:

CheckThem assists you in a variety of ways. To begin, investigate yourself and see what data is provided about you. Next, conduct a background check on your romantic partner to see whether they are trustworthy. Finally, conduct a background check on friends or colleagues to ensure they do not have a violent past, or safeguard yourself against fraudsters or dishonest individuals.

Find Your Loved Ones:

Customers may access data on individuals by e-mail, phone number, location, or name by employing their individual search tool. Customers can reconnect with long-lost acquaintances or family or discover whether their neighbors have a criminal history. This tool can help you find locations, phone numbers, addresses, and other connections.

Protection of Customers' Privacy:

With public documents at their disposal, users can conveniently safeguard themselves whilst remaining updated regarding their relatives, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and neighbors. While CheckThem provides consumers with a method to reach publicly available information, they value privacy and data-complete secrecy is guaranteed!

So, what's the need to remove your information from their website?

CheckThem can exploit your information, potentially causing reputation damage, personality crime, and making you an obvious prey for anyone looking to use your private sensitive data, harm your digital privacy, or even jeopardize your existence. So, this is where an opt-out application can help. Fortunately, data CheckThem is compelled by law to fulfill consumers opt-out requests.
However, businesses are not compelled to make opt-out simple. Most make the procedure as hard or time-consuming as possible to prevent you from removing your information from their site. However, don't panic. There is a way to prevent your private information from being exposed.

CheckThem Opt Out: How Do You Unsubscribe from CheckThem?

As expected, numerous people don't want anybody to have access to such intimate information about them. As a result, you can opt out of being included on their site by directly submitting your application. To unsubscribe from CheckThem, complete an opt-out form and verify your decision through email. All your data will be deleted within a time span of a few hours. Continue reading to learn how to perform a opt out.

Steps To Remove Yourself from CheckThem:

Step 1: Navigate to the CheckThem website:

Open the CheckThem Opt Out site. You can visit the removing site by using this link:

Step 2: Provide the information:

Fill out your name, surname, and your state and city. Hit the search button.

Step 3: Select your profile:

Select your information from the options on the computer and pick it by hitting "Choose."

Step 4: Fill Out the Form:

Add an e-mail address, fill out the CAPTCHA and finish the security questions. Then, select "Send Verification Email."

Step 5: In the Verification Email, click on E-Mail:

Lastly, go through your mail. will have sent you an email. Please visit the link in the email to complete your CheckThem opt out. When the procedure is finished, the service will send you an email. It may take a couple of days for the data to just be entirely erased, so keep checking to ensure that all information has been eliminated.
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