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How to Opt-Out, Delete from, or make Privacy Requests to Adcolony

How to Opt-Out, Delete from, or make Privacy Requests to Adcolony image
Updated: August 1st, 2022
AdColony is one of the world's largest mobile advertising companies. They work with brands and app developers to help them create, deliver, and measure mobile ads. Furthermore, they have a portfolio of ad products, including video, rich media, playable ads, and more.
AdColony works with some of the world's biggest brands, like Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Emirates, to help them reach their mobile advertising goals. AdColony also partners with app developers to help them monetize their apps with high-quality video ads. It is now a part of the Digital turbine company.
AdColony provides several ways for users to opt out of having their data collected and used for targeted advertising. AdColony's privacy policy explains how users can opt-out of having their data collected for targeted advertising purposes.
Once users have opted out of having their data collected for targeted advertising, they will no longer receive targeted ads from companies participating in the AdChoices program.

Type Of Data Collected

  • The name of the Publishers on which the advertisement is served
  • The IP address used by the customer to access the Internet
  • Device advertising identifiers (Google Advertising ID, Apple Identifier for Advertisers)
  • Your Phone company and device information
  • Precise location data about a device from mobile applications

What Does Adcolony Do With Your Data?

Adcolony sells your data to third-party companies to target you with advertisements. They claim they take measures to protect your privacy, but there is no way to know these companies use the collected data; it is just word of mouth we all need to believe.
Adcolony also uses a lot of personal data to target ads. This includes information like your age, gender, location, and interests. If you are not careful, Adcolony could sell your data to companies that could use it to target you with ads you might not want to see.
Adcolony gathers data from and about mobile applications that display advertising, the particular ads that were viewed, engagements and transactions inside ads or apps, the time and date of these events, the kind and attributes of mobile devices, and the mobile service provider, for their service.
They also work with third-party analytics companies. They use this data to manage better and enhance your interaction with the websites and advertising services.

The Rights Given Under CCPA and GDPR 

If you are living in California, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives you special privacy protections. 
  • You have the right to see what data Adcolony stored
  • You have the right to submit an official request to delete the data stored about you
  • The right to prevent the company from selling your data to any third party or partner company.
  • You can even sue the company for illegal data usage.
Adcolony promises to attempt to confirm the request within 10 days and fulfil your request within 45 days.
The General Data Privacy Regulation ("GDPR") grants you certain rights to obtain information and rectify stored data. To erase or disable your data. To limit the processing, to object to the handling of your data, and terminate your consent to the future processing of your data.

How To Request Deletion of Private Data 

These days Apple iPhones and Android devices that use google operating systems have a setting typically named Limit Ad Tracking Or Google Opt Out Of Personalized Ads services. Once a User turns this on, The Adcolony considers and processes this as a request to opt-out of the private data collection and takes this as a nonconsent to sell user data for that particular device owner.
In Order To Opt-Out Of Adcolony Ads,
  • If you are an iPhone user, Please Turn Off "Limit ad tracking"
  • If You are an android user, TURN ON "Ads Personalization".
  • After this, you will see an Adchoices icon on one of the ads provided by Adcolony. When you click on that, you will be redirected to this page.
Here a form will be prefilled with your data; you just need to add in a little more information and click submit. Your request will be presented and processed. It is to be noted that the opt-out request works separately on each device/browser. So you need to submit a request from all browsers individually.

After Opting Out

AdColony will no longer sell your data to deliver personalised ads. However, you may still see Adcolony ads while using apps on your mobile device. If you have questions about Adcolony's data collection or use practices, don't hesitate to contact Adcolony at
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