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How to Opt-Out, Delete Or Make Privacy Requests From AnalyticsIQ?

How to Opt-Out, Delete Or Make Privacy Requests From AnalyticsIQ? image
Updated: July 27th, 2022

Company Overview

AnalyticsIQ is a data analytics consultancy that helps organizations make better decisions by unlocking the power of their data. They have an entire team of experts with years of experience in data mining, business intelligence, and marketing analytics who are dedicated to helping clients use their data more effectively.
The company's goal is to provide the clients with the tools they need to make informed decisions based on accurate information. Analytics-IQ helps organizations make better decisions by unlocking the power of their data, business intelligence, and marketing analytics.

Type Of Consumer Data Collected

The types of consumer data that Analytics-IQ collects are:
  • Demographic data: This includes information such as age, gender, income, education, and location.
  • Behavioral data includes how consumers interact with brands, what products they purchase, and how often they purchase them.
  • Psychographic data includes information about consumers' values, beliefs, and attitudes.
Analytics-IQ also collects data from public sources such as census data, government data, and data from social media platforms.

Type Of Business Data Collected

Analytics-IQ also collects data from businesses. This includes information such as business size, industry, and geographic location. Additionally, Analytics-IQ collects data about the type of business (B2B or B2C), the products and services offered, and the business' marketing and advertising strategies.

How Is The Data Used?

The data that Analytics-IQ collects is used to help businesses make better decisions. This includes understanding consumer behavior, predicting future trends, and identifying new opportunities. Additionally, the data is used to improve marketing and advertising campaigns and to develop new products and services. Furthermore
  • For promotional purposes on behalf of the AnalyticsIQ clients.
  • For allowing the personalization of AnalyticsIQ clients' goods and services, such as site optimization, email personalization, and dynamic marketing and advertising optimization.
  • For building modeled audiences for the goods and services used by AnalyticsIQ clients.
  • For campaign measurement, analytics, and insight generation.

The Rights Under CCPA And GDPR

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) both give individuals the right to discover what personal data is being collected about them, the right to have that data erased, and the right to opt-out of its sale. Since these analytic companies use and sell data in order to benefit their clients by targeting marketing strategies. Thus, this law protects the citizens' rights.
Analytics-IQ is committed to respecting the rights of all individuals under CCPA and GDPR. They will only collect, use, and disclose personal data in accordance with these laws.
Keep reading the following section to exercise your rights under CCPA or GDPR.

AnalyticsIQMarketing Cookie Opt-Out Option:

Suppose you would like to opt-out of having your data used for marketing purposes by Analytics-IQ. In that case, you can click the "opt-out" button by Visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance's Consumer Choice Tool here to manage your third-party cookie settings, including Google permissions.

To Make A Privacy Request:

To make a privacy request, such as a request to know what personal data is being collected about you, contact them at Note that please include your name and telephone number in your request. You will be required to verify your identity before they can process your request. If everything goes well, AnalyticsIQ will respond to your request within 45 days. However, if you want to read their privacy policy, click here.

AnalyticsIQ Company Emails Opt-Out

You can opt out of the communications directly from AnalyticsIQ by clicking "unsubscribe" on their marketing communications section. An easier way to do this is to email them at It is essential to use Opt-Out as the subject line, so the company knows your purpose and saves time filtering emails.

AnalyticsIQ Marketing Database Opt-out And Deletion Request

Compelling to the laws of the states they work or provide services in, any consumer may choose to opt-out of any future sales of their information from their marketing database. You may make this request by filling out this form.

After Opting Out

Please note that after you opt out of having your data used for marketing purposes, you may still receive marketing communications from AnalyticsIQ if you have an existing business relationship with them. For example, suppose you are a current customer or have purchased from them in the past. In that case, they may continue to send you marketing communications about similar products and services, but that won't be personalized.
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