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How to Opt-Out, Delete Or Make Privacy Requests From Andrews Wharton?

How to Opt-Out, Delete Or Make Privacy Requests From Andrews Wharton? image
Updated: July 27th, 2022

Company Overview

Andrews Wharton is a data and analytics company that services businesses in various industries. The company was founded in 2001. It is a privately held New York corporation headquartered on Long Island. Andrews Wharton has a team of experienced professionals in data analysis and marketing.
Andrews Wharton's clients include businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to high-revenue companies. The company has dedicated account managers who work with each client to tailor a solution that meets their specific needs. Andrews Wharton is committed to providing the best possible service to its clients and strives to exceed their expectations.
Andrews Wharton offers a wide range of services to help businesses grow and succeed. These services include:
Data Collection: Andrews Wharton collects data from various sources, including online databases, government agencies, and private companies. This data is sorted and organized into a format that is easy for businesses to use.
Data Analysis: Andrews Wharton's analysts will examine data and provide insights businesses can use to make better decisions. This includes identifying trends, understanding customer behavior, and predicting future needs.
Marketing Consulting: Andrews Wharton provides marketing consulting services to help businesses develop and implement effective marketing campaigns. This includes assistance with planning, budgeting, target audience selection, and more.

Type Of Consumer Data Collected

Andrews Wharton collects data from a variety of sources. This data is sorted and organized into a format that is easy for businesses to use. Personal information is not collected unless you contact them via email or chat. Some of the types of consumer data collected by Andrews Wharton include:
  • Demographic information such as age, gender, income, education level, etc.
  • Psychographic information such as interests, values, lifestyle, etc.
But when you visit their website, they collect specific data, including internet protocol (IP) address, the type of browser or device operating system you use, and similar data.

How Does Andrews Wharton Use Consumer Data?

Andrews Wharton's products and services are based on a deep understanding of consumer behavior. We use this understanding to develop innovative products and services that help our clients to grow their businesses. The company can use your information for:

Behavioral Advertising

Third-Party Advertisers may collect information about your visits to the website and your interactions with their products and services. The Advertisers may use this information to serve ads that they believe will be most interesting to you. 
Apart from this, the company uses your data; 
  • To run and enhance the website.
  • To answer your direct questions, we could utilize your personal information.
  • To add you to our mailing lists, sometimes send you emails, and notify you of service and product updates.
  • Give access to your Personal Information to our vendors and service providers (such as our payment processors, email service providers, host providers, and personnel management service providers).
  • Provide it to law enforcement authorities to investigate any harassment charges.

The Rights Given Under CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives consumers certain rights concerning their personal data. These include the right to know what personal data is being collected, the right to see how that data will be used, the right to delete that data, and the right to opt-out of the sale of that data.

How To Request Deletion Of Private Data?

Disclosure Of Data

You can request the company to disclose the data they have on you. You have to email them at

Deletion Of Data or Do Not Sell Request

You can also request to delete your personal information or file a request not to sell it that has been collected about you. Click here to submit a proposal and fill out the form with your personal information.

File A Complaint

If you want to launch a complaint against the company's privacy policy, you can email them at
The company will respond to your request within 45 days. To protect your personal information, it may take steps to verify your identity before fulfilling your request. This may include asking you for information that allows them to confirm your identities, such as your name, address, or date of birth.
You can also call them at 1-866-628-1150 and enter Service Code 809. Please include your full name, email address, phone number, and state of residence, along with the rights you wish to exercise so that the company can process your request efficiently.
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