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How to Opt-Out, Delete, or Make Privacy Requests From Core Logic

How to Opt-Out, Delete, or Make Privacy Requests From Core Logic image
Updated: September 1st, 2022


Company Overview

CoreLogic is a California based company providing business intelligence and data analytics for the real estate industry. Using the largest property database in the nation, CoreLogic supports real estate professionals, financial institutions, insurance carriers, government agencies and prospective property owners to make the best decisions. They offer detailed property information including virtual property view, property value estimation, rental income projection, neighborhood insights, risk management and flood risk analysis. In addition, CoreLogic identifies the property’s exposure to various risks, hazards and natural disasters to assist insurance companies in determining the proper level of coverage required. CoreLogic worked closely together with Symbility Solutions which lead to CoreLogic’s acquisition of the company in 2018 after 6 solid years of partnership.

CoreLogic and Your Personal Information

Are you aware that data is the new currency in today’s world? That’s why it’s crucial that you understand how companies managing tons of data, like CoreLogic, handles consumer information. Learn more by reading CoreLogic’s Privacy Policy which can be accessed directly from the company’s website. Click on the link below to open the Privacy document which was last updated on December 16, 2021.
CoreLogic’s Privacy Policy
If the link above doesn’t work, click on the “Privacy Policy” link found on the website’s Footer (the bottom section of the webpage) as shown in the image below.
According to Section 2 within the Privacy Policy titled: “Collection, Use, and Sharing of Data” and Section 13 titled: “Annex – Symbility Property Applications”, CoreLogic states that both companies may share (and potentially sell) your Personal Information to other companies for various purposes.
CoreLogic has access to loads of information on consumers collected either directly or indirectly. With the possession of so much data on individuals, companies become targets of corporations making huge profits from data. And likewise, it's pretty much common for such companies to collect and sell consumer data to businesses willing to pay the price. If you’re not content with the use and sale of your Personal Information, most companies have agreed to stop the sale of your Information at your request. Luckily, with the law on our side, you can request that CoreLogic prohibits the sale of your Personal Information and even delete that Information from their databases.

Opting Out and Deleting Your Personal Information

CoreLogic organized a simple process for persons looking to opt out of the company’s data-selling campaigns or to have their Personal Information deleted from the company’s databases. We should be thankful for the existence of current US laws which grants us the right to exercise control over our Information collected by companies. You can make the request via communication with the companies using one of the following means below. Please remember that you have to make a separate request to Symbility Solutions.


Send both CoreLogic and Symbility Solutions an email requesting to stop the sale of your Personal Information or request to have your Information deleted. The email addresses to send the request are:
Symbility Solutions:


Compose a letter addressed to Symbility Solutions requesting to stop the sale of your Personal Information or request to have your Information deleted. Mail the letter to the following address:
Symbility Solutions, Inc., Data Protection Officer, 30 Adelaide East Street, 5th FL, Toronto, ON M5C 3G6, Canada

Freedom Exercised

Deleting your Personal Information from companies like CoreLogic certainly protects your privacy as you exercise your rights granted by Data Privacy Laws. At the same time, you will be reducing your digital footprint and the risk of your Information being involved in any unfortunate data leaks.
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