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How to Opt-Out, Delete, or Make Privacy Requests From

How to Opt-Out, Delete, or Make Privacy Requests From image
Updated: September 1st, 2022


Company Overview is a Maryland-based company with the goal of providing quality marketing solutions to clients. The company uses data analytics and insights to develop marketing strategies aimed at acquiring and retaining customers while handling the entire marketing campaigns from beginning to end. According to their website, has provided marketing solutions to some of the nation's leading brands and fundraisers such as AARP, Amazon, American Diabetes Association, Best Buy and Comcast. If you’re interested in viewing the entire list of the company’s top clients, click on the link below.’s List of Clients and Your Personal Information

Data has become a valuable currency in today’s digital world and corporations are already purchasing it by the trillions. So…..what exactly is this “data” sought by corporations? It is actually information on consumers that includes Personal Information and online activities. Therefore, it’s imperative that you educate yourself on a company’s policy on handling consumer data. Go ahead and read’s Privacy Policy by clicking on the link below. The company doesn’t provide an amendment date for the policy, thus it’s difficult to know when changes are made to the document.’s Privacy Policy
If the link above doesn’t work, click on the “Privacy Policy” link found on the website’s Footer (the bottom section of the website) as shown in the image below.'s Privacy Policy is extremely brief when compared to the average policies of other companies. The section of the document titled "The Information We Collect" outlines the different kinds of information collected on the website while the section titled "How We Use Information" declares that the company does not share any Personal Information, except for the purposes of product ordering, product delivery and service provision. Though, there is no mention about the rights of consumers to opt out or request the deletion of their Personal Information from the company's databases.
Providing data analytics and insight services to clients require the collection and handling of consumer data. Is this a problem? Perhaps it is because such companies are very valuable to corporations searching to acquire more consumer data to promote their businesses; and in turn, the companies may sell such data to these corporations for profit. Make a request to opt out of a company's data-selling campaigns or to have your Personal Information deleted from its databases. Continue reading this article to learn how to make such a request on

Sending a General Request does not provide any assistance to consumers wishing to request the opting out of the company’s databases or the deletion of their Personal Information. However, they have provided contact information on their website which you can use to make your request. Please take note that it’s not assured that the company will respond or respond favorably; nevertheless, it’s best you make an attempt than to do nothing at all. After all, it’s all about your Privacy.

General Request

Online Form

Fill out and submit an Online Form in the Contact page as shown in the image below as of August 2022.
Click on the following link to go to the Contact page to find the Online Form:’s Contact Page


Send an email requesting that the company stops the sale of your Personal Information or deletes your Personal Information. The email address to send such a request is


Make a phone call to requesting to stop the sale of your Personal Information or to have your Personal Information deleted. The contact number is 866-477-1918.

Freedom Exercised

Kudos to you for protecting your Privacy by opting out of’s databases or requesting to have your Personal Information deleted. In addition, you’ve reduced your digital footprint and decreased the risk of your data being visible to hackers during disastrous data leaks.
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