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How to Opt-Out, Delete, Or Make Privacy Requests From FIS DATA?

How to Opt-Out, Delete, Or Make Privacy Requests From FIS DATA? image
Updated: August 3rd, 2022

Company Overview

FIS DATA was founded in 1993 by two veterans who wanted to provide high-quality data to businesses. They have a favorable credit rating and are a reliable source of real-time homeowner data. Their data is cleansed, compared, and standardized so that companies don't have to do it themselves. FIS DATA is committed to helping businesses reach their prospects quickly and efficiently.
FIS DATA offers a wide range of data, including property, mortgage, and demographic data. They also provide various services, such as lead generation, list management, and data analysis. Their team is knowledgeable, experienced, and always willing to help businesses find the correct data for their needs.
FIS DATA is an excellent resource for businesses that need high-quality data. First In Service has been providing mailing list data for over two decades, and during that time, they have compiled a massive database of information. They work tirelessly to ensure that their data is the most accurate and up-to-date. As a result, they can deliver it faster and more reliably than any of their competitors.
They also offer real-time updates, so you can always be confident that your mailing list is up-to-date. If you have any customized requests or need help putting together your mailing list, their customer service representatives are more than happy to assist.
First In Service is the perfect choice for anyone who needs reliable, accurate mailing list data. They have the knowledge and expertise to get the data you need to grow your business.

Services Offered

  • FIS DATA offers specialized solutions incorporating extra data for audience targeting, segmentation, and analytics options.
  • Their proficiency with real estate transactional data makes them the most well-known, but they are open to working with any kind of data.
  • Their extensive historical data sets enable unique strategic decision-making.
  • Clients can stay current on trends and make wise decisions because they can access the data whenever needed.
  • In collaboration with their clients, FIS DATA takes delight in locating potential clients and customers most likely to require their goods or services.

Type Of Consumer Data Collected

FIS DATA collects and sells mortgage, property, and demographic data.
  • Mortgage Data: This includes originations, servicing, foreclosures, and bankruptcies.
  • Property Data: This includes data on sales, transfers, taxes, and assessments.
  • Demographic Data: This includes data on income, age, race, ethnicity, education, and more.

How Does FIS DATA Use The Consumer Data?

FIS DATA sells data to businesses so that they can target their marketing and advertising efforts. Businesses also use the data to make strategic decisions about where to open new locations, who to target with their products and services, and more.

How Is The Data Collected?

FIS DATA collects data from various sources, including public records, private companies, and more. They then cleanse, compare, and standardize the data so businesses can use it more effectively.

The Rights Given Under CCPA, FCRA, GDPR, and DPA

CCPA, FCRA, GDPR, and DPA protect consumers' privacy rights. FIS DATA ensures that they comply with these laws by only collecting data necessary for businesses to perform their marketing and advertising efforts.
These rights include the right to:
  • Access your data
  • Request that your data be deleted
  • Opt out of the sale and disclosure of your data
  • Complain if you believe your rights have been violated
They also give consumers the right to opt out of having their data collected and used. FIS DATA is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring your data is used responsibly.

How To Request Deletion Of Your Data?

It is to be noted that FIS DATA is a relatively newer data company. Thus they do not have a privacy policy, or a direct do not sell my information form. However, the best way to opt-out of their marketing services or to stop the company from selling your information via their compiled lists is to email them directly at
Do not forget to put the relevant subject while sending the email, such as "unsubscribe", "do not sell my information," or "CCPA request". You can also call them at
1-800-446-LIST (5478)
Moreover, you can contact them via postal mail at: 
309 Kingston Road
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
Please note that it may take FIS DATA some time to respond to your request.
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