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How to Opt-Out, Delete, or Make Privacy Requests From GumGum

How to Opt-Out, Delete, or Make Privacy Requests From GumGum image
Updated: September 1st, 2022


Company Overview

GumGum is an advertising company with its headquarters located within the city of Santa Monica in California (there’s also a branch office situated in London, United Kingdom). The company implements advertising campaigns for their clients with the goal of increasing the attention capture of prospective and current customers. In addition, they also provide the opportunity for businesses to monetize with them through the promotion of advertisements. On its website, GumGum claims to have partnerships with some of the top global corporations including American Express, Canon, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Samsung. View the rest of their Partners when you click on the links below.
GumGum’s List of Partners 1 | GumGum’s List of Partners 2

GumGum and Your Personal Information

A new, valuable currency has emerged and corporations are already purchasing it by the truckloads: consumer data. The term Consumer Data refers to information collected on individuals that includes Personal Information along with a list of their online activities. It’s about time that you become more aware of your online Privacy and discover how consumer data is being handled by companies like GumGum. Take a couple of minutes and read the company’s Privacy Policy to find out how. You can access the document by clicking on the link below, which was last amended on December 23, 2019.
GumGum’s Privacy Policy
If the link above doesn’t work, click on the “

Privacy Policy

” link found on the website’s Footer (the bottom section of the webpage) as shown in the image below.
It is very commendable that GumGum has constructed a well-formulated Privacy Policy written in an easy to understand language. They pretty much have everything laid out within the Policy. They outlined the different types of information collected and the purpose for their collection (section: “


”), how they collect the information (section: “


”) while stating the different types of information they claim not to collect (section: “


”). Finally, they declare whom they share information with and the purpose for sharing it (section: “


Whether or not GumGum does not collect Personal Information, data on individuals’ online activities are still being collected, stored and processed as the company uses consumer data for the benefit of providing advertising services to their clients. As you are fully aware, companies are becoming increasingly involved in the sale of consumer data, known as Data Brokerage. Nevertheless, you have the right to stop the sale of your Personal Information and even request the deletion of that Information from a company's databases. Let us help you to make that decision when you continue reading.

Opting Out and Deleting Your Consumer Information

GumGum only allows Californian residents to request the deletion of their Personal Information under the

California Consumer Privacy Act



”); there is no provision for residents of the other States. Nevertheless, the company facilitates requests to opt out of the company’s databases by any consumer. Please note that you may be asked to proceed through an identity verification process before your request can be fulfilled.

Opting Out

Fill out and submit an

Online Form

as shown in the image below as of August 2022.
Click on the “

Exercise your rights

” link found on the website’s Footer (the bottom section of the webpage) as shown in the image below.

Deletion of Personal Information (Californian Residents)

Online Form

Fill out and submit an

Online Form

similar to the one above for Opting Out.
Click on the “

Do not sell

” link found on the website’s Footer (the bottom section of the webpage) as shown in the image below.


Make a phone call to GumGum requesting to opt out of their databases or to delete your Personal Information. The contact number is 866-467-8688. Enter 319 as the service code when prompted.

Freedom Exercised

Reducing your digital footprint protects your online Privacy while decreasing the risk of your Personal Information being leaked during cyber-attacks. Therefore, exercise your Data Privacy Rights and request the deletion of your Information from the databases of companies.
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