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How to Opt-Out, Delete, Or Make Privacy Requests From Incheck?

How to Opt-Out, Delete, Or Make Privacy Requests From Incheck? image
Updated: August 8th, 2022

Company Overview

InCheck is a leading provider of background screening services for employers. They offer a full range of solutions to help their clients make informed hiring decisions, including criminal history checks, employment verification, and more. Incheck's team of experts is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support, and their commitment to quality and transparency has earned them the trust of clients worldwide.
Incheck is an excellent resource for HR departments when it comes to recruitment. InCheck is dedicated to providing the most efficient and accurate background screenings possible. Their reports are reliable and user-friendly, which makes the hiring process easier for both the employer and the applicant.
Background checks are crucial in the hiring process, but they can be time-consuming and expensive. InCheck offers a cost-effective solution that helps employers make informed decisions about their applicants.

Services Provided 

InCheck offers a variety of different background check services depending on the needs of the organization. In addition to criminal background checks, they also provide drug testing and health screenings, employment and education verification, and other services. This allows organizations to view an employee's past before hiring comprehensively. 
InCheck's quality assurance measures ensure that the background checks are accurate. Organizations often use InCheck for pre-employment screening, but the service can also be helpful for ongoing employee monitoring. InCheck's services can help organizations keep track of changes in an employee's background over time, allowing them to identify any red flags that may indicate a potential problem. 
This is especially important for positions that require a high level of trust, such as those in healthcare or financial services. InCheck is a valuable resource for any organization that relies on accurate and reliable background checks. 

Type Of Consumer Data Collected

The consumer data that this website may collect includes:
  • Contact information (such as name, phone number, and email address)
  • Demographic information 
  • Purchase history
  • Unique device identifiers (such as Google Advertiser ID or IDFA).
InCheck may also collect other types of data not listed here.

How Is Consumer Data Collected?

The user may freely provide consumer data or collect it using the website. In some cases, such as when providing contact information or making a purchase, it may be necessary to provide specific mandatory data. This data is typically collected through web forms, and the user may be asked to provide their consent before submitting it.
In other cases, data may be collected from activity. This can include the IP address, browser type, operating system, and visited pages. This data is typically managed through web server logs or cookies placed on the user's device.

How Does Incheck Use Consumer Data?

The purposes for which consumer data is used depend on the specific type of data collected. Generally speaking, InCheck may use collected data for any of the following purposes:
  • To provide and improve this website
  • To provide services to their clients
  • To communicate with users
  • To provide customer service
  • To analyze trends and usage patterns
In some cases, InCheck may have a legal obligation to collect and use specific data for tax or accounting purposes.

The Rights Given Under CCPA, FCRA, and DPA

Consumers have various rights regarding their data under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and Data Protection Act (DPA) statutes. These include the right to request the erasure of personal data and the right to refuse the sale of personal data. They also include the right to know what personal data is being collected and how it will be used. Please refer to InCheck's Privacy Policy for more details regarding these rights.

How To Request Deletion Of Your Data?

If you want to opt-out of InCheck's data collection or request deletion of your data, don't hesitate to get in touch with InCheck directly. You may do so by contacting them through their email at

Remember to provide sufficient data so they can verify you as given in this privacy statement. Also, remember it can take up to 45 days, while in some cases, it can take up to 90 days for them to comply with your request.
If you have any questions or concerns about InCheck's data practices, please contact them at (414) 727-1718.
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