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How to Opt-Out, Delete, Or Make Privacy Requests From Instant Checkmate?

How to Opt-Out, Delete, Or Make Privacy Requests From Instant Checkmate? image
Updated: October 5th, 2022

Company Overview

Instant Checkmate is a leading provider of online background checks and public records. With millions of records in its database, Instant Checkmate can provide detailed information about anyone. While many people think of background checks as only done for employment purposes, the truth is that there are many other reasons to do a background check. 
For example, you might want to do a background check on someone you are dating or considering dating. You might also want to do a background check on someone you are considering doing business with.
Instant Checkmate can help whatever your reason for wanting to do a background check. They have access to millions of public records, so they can provide you with detailed information on just about anyone. Instant Checkmate's criminal reports include a map of all registered sex offenders in the specified area, and customers can view details and mugshots of nearby sex offenders.
Instant Checkmate's goal is to provide its customers with the most helpful data possible, and it takes pride in offering responsive customer service. Instant Checkmate support Together We Bake, a nonprofit organization that provides workforce training and personal development programs for women.

Type Of Consumer Data Collected

Instant Checkmate collects a variety of consumer data, including:
  • Contact information: Names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses
  • Demographic information: Gender, date of birth, and marital status. 
  • Location data: Current city and state, as well as towns and places where a person used to live in past. 
  • Arrest records: Mugshots, charges, and convictions. 
  • Employment history: Current and previous employers.
  • Education history: Schools attended, degrees earned, and dates of attendance. 
  • Professional licenses: Type of license, licensing state, and license number. 
  • Social media profiles: Links to social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 
  • Additional information: Property ownership records, bankruptcies, liens and judgments, and voter registration data.

How Is Consumer Data Collected?

Instant Checkmate collects consumer data from a variety of sources, including:
  • Public records: Data that is available to the general public, such as court records, property records, and voting records. 
  • Private databases: Proprietary databases that are not available to the general public. 
  • Social media: Data that is publicly available on social media sites. 

How Is Consumer Data Used?

Instant Checkmate uses consumer data for a variety of purposes, including:
  1. To provide customers with the information they request: When a customer requests information on someone, Instant Checkmate will use the data it has collected to provide that customer with the information they are looking for.
  2. To create marketing lists: Instant Checkmate may sell or rent its customer list to third parties for marketing purposes.
  3. To improve customer service: Instant Checkmate uses consumer data to troubleshoot issues and improve customer service.
  4. To prevent fraud: Instant Checkmate uses consumer data to help prevent fraud and identity theft.
  5. To comply with legal requirements: Instant Checkmate may disclose consumer data in response to a subpoena or other lawful request.

Does Instant Checkmate Sell Consumer Data?

Instant Checkmate does not sell any data. They may share consumer data with the following types of third parties:
  • Marketing partners: Instant Checkmate may share consumer data with third parties for marketing purposes.
  • Service providers: Instant Checkmate uses a variety of service providers to help it operate its business. These service providers may have access to consumer data.
  • Law enforcement: Instant Checkmate may disclose consumer data to law enforcement in response to a subpoena or other legal request.

The Rights Given Under CCPA, FCRA, GDPR, And DPA

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and The Data Protection Act (DPA), you have the right to request that Instant Checkmate disclose the following information:
  • The information it has gathered about you personally.
  • The kind of sources that were used to get the personal data.
  • The commercial or business reason for gathering or selling personal information.
  • The kind of other parties that the business shares personal information with.
  • If the company sells your personal information, the categories of personal data it sold and the categories of third parties to whom the personal data was sold.
  • You also have the right to request that Instant Checkmate delete your personal information.

How To Request Deletion Of Your Data?

You can contact Instant Checkmate using one of the following methods to request deletion of your data:
Calling them at (800) 222-8985
Emailing them at
Mailing your request to them at Instant Checkmate, Attn: Privacy, 3111 Camino Del Rio N, Suite 400, San Diego, CA 92108.
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