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How to Opt-Out, Delete, Or Make Privacy Requests From Public Data Digger?

How to Opt-Out, Delete, Or Make Privacy Requests From Public Data Digger? image
Updated: September 19th, 2022

Company Overview

Public Data Digger is a voter research tool that offers specialists, non-specialists, and political associations simple access to accurate and updated voter data. Their straightforward service helps ensure that voter records are current and accurate. Public Data Digger's data protection and security policies are top-notch, offering users the peace of mind that their personal information is safe.
Public Data Digger also offers a wide range of Customized Voter Data reports fitting the specific needs of their clients. Public Data Digger is the perfect research tool for anyone looking for accurate and up-to-date voter data.
Their easy-to-use service makes accessing the information you need simple, and their commitment to security means you can rest assured that your personal information is safe. With a wide range of Customized Voter Data reports available, they have the perfect solution for any client's needs.
Public Data Digger is committed to helping its clients make informed decisions about the voting process. They offer various services, including voter registration, absentee voting, early voting, and more. They provide search by address and reverse phone lookup capabilities.

Type Of Consumer Data Collected

Public Data Digger collects the following categories of personal information:
  • Identifiers, such as name, email address, IP address, and account number
  • Characteristics of protected classifications under California or federal law
  • Commercial information, including records of personal property, products or services purchased, obtained or considered, or other purchasing or consuming histories or tendencies
  • Biometric information
  • Internet activity information, including browsing history and interactions with websites, applications, and advertisements
  • Geolocation data

How Is Consumer Data Collected?

Public Data Digger collects data from the following sources:
  • Direct interactions with consumers, such as when they fill out a form on the website or sign up for an account
  • Observations of consumer behavior, including interactions with the website, applications, and advertisements
  • Third-party data providers, such as credit bureaus, marketing firms, and retailers

How Is Consumer Data Used?

Public Data Digger uses the information they collect for various purposes described in its policy. For example:
  • To Provide their Service: They use the information to provide and improve the Public Data Digger service. This includes using the information to authenticate users, provide customer support, detect and prevent fraud or illegal activity, and bill for their services.
  • To Communicate With You: They use the information to communicate with you about your account and the Public Data Digger service. For example, They may send you emails or push notifications about new features or updates to their service and promotional communications about products or services that may interest you.
  • For Marketing Purposes: They use the information to tailor their marketing and advertising efforts to suit your needs and interests better.
  • For Research and Development: They use the information for research and development purposes, such as to develop new products or features, to improve their existing products and services, and to understand their users and their needs better.
  • To Comply With Legal Obligations: They may use the information they collect to comply with applicable legal obligations, such as responding to lawful requests by government agencies or courts for disclosure of information.

The Rights Given Under CCPA, FCRA, GDPR, And DPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the Data Protection Act (DPA) all grant certain rights to consumers.
These rights include the right to know what personal data is being collected about them, the right to have their data deleted, the right to object to the sale of their data, and the right to receive equal treatment regardless of whether they exercise their rights under these laws.
Public Data Digger is committed to respecting these rights and will take steps to ensure that its clients can exercise their rights under these laws.

How To Request Deletion Of Your Data?

If you would like to request the deletion of your data, don't hesitate to get in touch with Public Data Digger at
Directly submit a request through the Request Form on their website. There are two options available. Manual and Auto Removal. Use what suits you the best.
Public Data Digger will take steps to delete your data within 30 days of receiving your request. However, please note that they may retain some information for purposes such as complying with legal obligations, preventing fraud, and protecting the rights and safety of their users.
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