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How to Opt-Out, Delete, Or Make Privacy Requests From USPhoneBook?

How to Opt-Out, Delete, Or Make Privacy Requests From USPhoneBook? image
Updated: October 24th, 2022

Company Overview

USPhoneBook is a reverse phone lookup service that lets you find people’s places and businesses using their phone numbers and names. The company regularly updates its records to provide users with the latest registered names and phone numbers. USPhoneBook is a free service and a 100% legal tool.
The company’s reverse phone lookup service is designed to help you find people’s contact information quickly and easily. Enter a phone number into the search bar on the USPhoneBook website, and you will be able to see the name and address associated with that number.
The website collects data legally from the telephone directory white pages and public records. So there’s nothing illegal on the US Phonebook website. USPhoneBook is a useful tool for people who want to know more about the person who is calling them on their phone.
Whether you are trying to reconnect with an old friend or colleague or you need to get in touch with a business associate, USPhoneBook can help you find the information you need. 

Type Of Consumer Data Collected

USPhoneBook collects a variety of consumer data, including:
  • Contact information, such as name, address, and phone number. 
  • Demographic information, such as age, gender, and location. 
  • Interests and lifestyle information. 
  • Location Information such as current city and state, previous cities and states lived in, etc.
  • Employment history includes current employer, previous employers, job titles, etc.

How Is Consumer Data Collected?

USPhoneBook collects consumer data in a variety of ways, including:
  • Directly from consumers: Consumers may provide their information directly to USPhoneBook when they sign up for the service.
  • From third-party sources: USPhoneBook may collect consumer data from third-party sources, such as public records and other data providers.
  • From social media platforms: The Company may collect data from social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, when consumers interact with USPhoneBook on those platforms.

How Is Consumer Data Used?

USPhoneBook uses consumer data to provide its services and for other business purposes, such as:
  • To provide the services consumers request: When consumers use USPhoneBook’s reverse phone lookup service, the company uses the information provided to search for the associated name and address. For example, if a consumer provides a phone number, USPhoneBook will use that number to search for the related name and address.
  • To improve the service: The company uses consumer data to improve its services. For example, USPhoneBook may use data to troubleshoot issues or to develop new features.
  • To protect consumers and the company: USPhoneBook uses consumer data to help protect consumers and the company by verifying identities and detecting fraud.
  • To communicate with consumers: The company may use consumer data to communicate with consumers about the service, such as to provide customer support or send marketing communications.
  • For research and development: USPhoneBook may use consumer data to develop new features and products.
  • For customer support: When consumers contact USPhoneBook for customer support, the company will use the information provided to resolve the issue.

Does USPhoneBook Sell Consumer Data?

No, USPhoneBook does not sell consumer data. However, they may share this data with some third parties, such as :
  • Advertising networks: USPhoneBook may work with advertising networks to show relevant ads to consumers.
  • Data providers: USPhoneBook may share data with providers who supply the company with updated information.
  • Third-party applications: USPhonebook may allow third-party applications to access their API to provide additional consumer services.

The Rights Given Under CCPA, FCRA, GDPR, And DPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Data Protection Act (DPA) all grant consumers certain rights concerning their data. These include: 
  • The right to know what data is being collected about them.
  • The right to access their data.
  • The right to have their data deleted.
  • The right to opt-out of the sale of their data.
  • The right to receive equal service and prices, even if they exercise their privacy rights.

How To Request Deletion Of Your Data?

To request the deletion of your data, you may contact USPhoneBook at You can also fill out the form here.
Please provide complete subject and proof of identity for security purposes. Please provide proper subject and proof of identity for security purposes. The company will respond within 45 days of receiving the request.
The company may retain some data even after a deletion request is made if it is necessary for business or legal purposes.
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