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How to Opt-Out, Delete, Or Make Privacy Requests From ZoomInfo?

How to Opt-Out, Delete, Or Make Privacy Requests From ZoomInfo? image
Updated: September 5th, 2022

Company Overview

ZoomInfo is a company that provides data and software to sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals. It was founded in 2007 by Henry Schuck with the mission of helping these professionals achieve their goals. The company has continued to evolve, becoming a publicly traded company in 2020. ZoomInfo's products enable sales, marketing, and recruiting teams to find opportunities and hit their number through insight-driven engagement.
The company's technology also powers some of the world's largest business intelligence providers. ZoomInfo is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. The company has also been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in North America by Deloitte (2019) and Inc.5000 (2018 & 2019).
ZoomInfo acquired NeverBounce, email validation, and list-cleaning service. This acquisition will help ZoomInfo's customers to clean their contact lists, improving deliverability and ROI for their email marketing campaigns. The company has been on a tear lately, with several acquisitions that have helped to fuel its growth.
ZoomInfo announced it would be acquiring DiscoverOrg for a hefty amount. The acquisition brings together two of the leading go-to-market intelligence solutions to create the industry's most comprehensive solution for sales and marketing professionals.
In May 2019, the company announced the acquisition of RingLead, a provider of accurate and real-time B2B contact and company intelligence. This acquisition will help ZoomInfo's customers to find and connect with key decision makers at their target companies.
ZoomInfo continues to evolve, and its products are helping sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals achieve their goals. The company is publicly-traded, and its products are used by some of the largest firms in the world. ZoomInfo is continuing to invest in its products and its people, and it is poised for continued success in the years to come.

Type Of Consumer Data Collected

The types of consumer data collected by an email client may include the following:
  • Name
  • Company name
  • Postal address of the company
  • Email address
  • Job title and department
  • Phone numbers (general or direct business numbers, faxes, and mobile numbers)
  • Business-related postal address of the person
  • Corporate website URLs
  • Social media URLs

How Is Consumer Data Collected?

ZoomInfo collects consumer data through a variety of methods, including the following:
  • Sign-up forms: Consumers may provide information when signing up for an email account or service.
  • Email messages: It can collect data from the messages that consumers send and receive. This data may include the sender's and recipient's email addresses, as well as the date and time of the message.
  • Web browsers: ZoomInfo may collect data from web browser cookies and other tracking technologies. This data may be used to deliver targeted advertisements to consumers.
  • Third-party sources: ZoomInfo may collect data from third-party sources, such as social media platforms. This data may be used to create profile records for consumers.

What Is The Data Used For?

The collected data is used for the following:
  • Improved customer service: Collecting data about consumers can help email providers deliver better customer service. For example, an email provider may use data collected about a consumer's job title to route customer service inquiries to the appropriate department.
  • Targeted advertising: Email providers can use consumer data to deliver targeted advertisements. This type of advertising is more effective than untargeted advertising because it is tailored to the consumer's specific interests.
  • Personalization: Email providers can use data collected about consumers to personalize the content of emails. For example, an email provider may use data about a consumer's purchase history to send promotional messages about products that the consumer is likely interested in.

The Rights Given Under CCPA, FCRA, GDPR, And DPA

Email clients who collect consumer data are subject to a variety of laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the UK's Data Protection Act (DPA).
These laws establish certain rights for consumers concerning their data, including the right to access, correct, and delete their data. Email providers who collect consumer data must comply with these laws.

How To Request Deletion Of Your Data?

Please contact the company if you would like to request the deletion of your data. You can do so by filling out the Contact Us form on their site. You can also fill out this form directly. To stop receiving ZoomInfo & DiscoverOrg sales and marketing communications, click here.
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