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Janssen’s Privacy Policies And How To Delete Your Data Or Opt Out

Janssen’s Privacy Policies And How To Delete Your Data Or Opt Out image
Updated: June 24th, 2024


The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson prioritize your privacy, outlining their practices in their privacy policy. They detail how information is collected, used, and disclosed either through their website or application. They emphasize not providing personal information, especially for individuals under 18, unless specifically requested. 
The policy also touches on automatic information collection, like cookies and similar technologies, to enhance user experience and service functionality. Additionally, they explain the usage and disclosure of information, assuring it's in alignment with the described practices at the point of collection.

Janssen’s privacy practices

The privacy practices of Janssen, a pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson, are documented in its Privacy Policy, which outlines how the company collects, uses, and discloses personal information. Here are some key points from their privacy practices across different regions:
  • Use by Minors: Janssen's services are not directed to individuals under the age of 18 in the United States and under the age of 16 in the EMEA region​. They request that these individuals do not provide personal information through their services.
  • Information Collection: Janssen may ask for personal information to benefit from certain features or participate in particular activities. The information can be combined with other collected information, either on- or offline, and might also be integrated with data received from other sources like Johnson & Johnson affiliates and publicly available sources​. 
  • Sensitive Information: They request not to send or disclose any sensitive personal information unless specifically requested or invited by them​. 
  • Automatic Information Collection and Use: As users navigate around their services, certain information may be collected automatically by Janssen and their service providers, including through browsers, cookies, and IP addresses. This information helps ensure proper service functioning and may be used for security purposes, facilitating navigation, and personalizing user experience​. 
  • Use and Disclosure of Information: The collected information is used and disclosed as described at the point of collection, and where required by law, consent will be obtained. Information might be used for providing service functionality, fulfilling requests, managing contractual relationships, legal obligations, and legitimate business interests. It could also be used for personalized services based on user understanding and preferences​. 
  • Information Disclosure: Information may be disclosed to Janssen affiliates, third-party partners for co-branded promotions, third-party service providers for various services, and to a third party in case of any reorganization, merger, or sale. Additionally, information may be disclosed to comply with legal processes, respond to requests from public and government authorities, enforce terms and conditions, and protect rights, privacy, and safety​.
  • Non-Personally Identifiable Information: Information that is not in personally identifiable form may be used and disclosed for any purpose and if combined with identifiable information, will be treated as personal information as long as it's combined​. 
These practices reflect Janssen's commitment to respecting user privacy and abiding by legal and regulatory requirements concerning personal information management across various regions.

How to contact Janssen's privacy department? 

To contact the privacy department of Janssen, you can reach out to Janssen, a division of Johnson & Johnson Pte. Ltd., which is responsible for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information under the Privacy Policy. They are located at 2 Science Park Drive, #07-13 Ascent, Singapore 118222. If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, you are advised to contact them via email at

How to delete your data from Janssen?

According to their privacy policy, you can email Janssen at to make delete requests. PrivacyHawk can also help identify companies that have your personal data and makes it easy to mass delete yourself to reduce your digital footprint and reduce your risk of being targeted by scams, fraud, and identity theft. You can try it for free on the App Store today.
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