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PrivacyHawk Launches The Privacy Score

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Updated: August 2nd, 2023

The First Free, Fast and Easy Way for Individuals to Learn Their Privacy and Personal Data Risk Like a Credit Score

The Privacy Score uniquely enables users to immediately understand their privacy and data risk and monitor progress in securing personal data based on their digital footprint
PrivacyHawk, a pioneer in personal data protection, today launched the Privacy Score, the first ever free, fast and easy way for individuals to learn their privacy and personal data risk like a credit score. The Privacy Score calculates and rates privacy and data risk on a scale between 300 and 850, the same range as a credit score, which makes the Privacy Score easy to digest and understand. The higher the score, the more secure personal data is likely to be.
The Privacy Score provides the most complete assessment of personal data risk. It is the only personal data risk score that assesses data broker, open web, corporate database privacy and personal data exposure. The scope of the Privacy Score is beyond paid services that address only the open web, like people-search sites, but do not help users learn all the corporate databases they’re in. The Privacy Score is also the only solution that provides real-time results versus waiting hours or days for results.
We are excited to offer the first ever individual Privacy Score to the masses; and it’s free for everyone. Protecting our personal data has become a critical part of our individual rights and personal security. The Privacy Score is the easiest and best way to keep track of how exposed or protected our personal data is. And better still, with PrivacyHawk, now people can actually do something to reduce their digital footprint automatically,” said Aaron Mendes, CEO and co-founder of PrivacyHawk.
The Privacy Score is a calculation of how small individuals have made their digital footprint, which reduces the risk of scams, hacking, identity theft, and spam. The higher the percentage of personal data exposures that have been removed or opted out of, the higher the Privacy Score is.
Receiving a Privacy Score is a great first step in reducing the risk of fraud and scams. To reduce their digital footprint and personal data exposures, users first must learn where their data is and how bad the problem is. For most, it’s initially high exposure.
Having a good or excellent Privacy Score without reaching a perfect score is still a great achievement. The most realistic goal for most is to reduce their digital footprint, not eliminate it. Unless individuals go off the grid and stop using the internet altogether, they will have some digital footprint. The Privacy Score provides peace of mind for users knowing they’ve significantly increased the security of their personal data just by achieving a higher Privacy Score than before they started using PrivacyHawk.
The Privacy Score is part of PrivacyHawk’s mission to protect the personal data of individuals everywhere. PrivacyHawk envisions the Privacy Score being available in banking, insurance, and security apps around the world.
The Privacy Score is available for free in the PrivacyHawk app, which is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Simply download PrivacyHawk, create a free account, and conduct the scan. Users who want to increase their Privacy Score can upgrade to PrivacyHawk Premium and start having their personal data exposures automatically removed.
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