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Why care about privacy? Here’s why...

Why care about privacy? Here’s why... image
Updated: July 27th, 2022
  1. Privacy is a fundamental human right. It’s why random people can’t just walk into your house and listen to your personal conversations or stare into your window at night.
  2. The same applies to what we do online. It’s personal to each of us and a lot of that information is private and sensitive.
  3. They say: “If the product is free, YOU are the product.” What they really mean is that your private data is the product. That data is used to target you with ads and is sold to lots of other unknown third parties. And they almost never tell you who they sold it to or what it’s being used for.
  4. The Internet, arguably our greatest invention, has turned each of us into products to be sold to the highest bidder.
  5. Our financial information can be used to steal money from us or family members. Our health information or behavioral information is often not something we want out there for anyone to see.
  6. If we don’t protect our personal data, it can be used against us in the future for all kinds of evil deeds. Our private data makes us easy targets for phishing attacks, scams, spam, identity theft, and being hacked.
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